Reclining ergometers

As a classic reclining ergometer with a retractable ergometry unit or as a half-reclining ergometer with an adjustable surface, these stress units provide the necessary safety for older patients. To meet the special requirements of “stress echocardiography”, ergoline sets a new standard in this area of application with the multitude of functions offered by the “ergoselect 12” model.


ergoselect reclining ergometers

  ergoselect_8 ergoselect_10 ergoselect_12 ergoselect_1200
  ergoselect 8 ergoselect 10 ergoselect 12 ergoselect 1200
Surface dimensions (WxLxH) 75/200/68 cm 65/200/73 ¹ cm 65/200/73 ¹ cm 50/160/80 ¹ cm
Patient weight (max.) 225 kg (300 kg) ³ 200 kg 200 kg 140 kg
Horizontal tilt (motor) 0 – 45° 0 – 45° 0 – 45°
Lateral tilt (motor) 0 – 45° 0 – 45°
Seat position (motor)
Folding ergometry unit
Emergency lowering
Remote control  
Adjustable headrest angle 0 – 30°
Adjustable headrest
Pedal shoes
Blood pressure measurement  /    /    /    /  
ECG interfaces (RS-232, USB)
Various upholstery colors
Standard  optional— not  optional— not possible¹ couch in horizontal position ² couch with leg rests (headrest not extended)³ with "heavy duty" option

User manual and downloads

The user manual, documents, software and technical specifications can be downloaded here – free of charge.

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