ergoline named “Top employer in medium-sized business 2020” has recognized companies with the “Top employer in medium-sized business” designation since 2015. The career portal for small and medium-sized business created the award to give job seekers greater guidance in their search for interesting employers in medium-sized business, the so-called “hidden champions”.

As a special feature of the award, the “Top employer in medium-sized business” award is based on evaluating the access and reading response of users in the platform to over 60,000 job listings within a year instead of relying on surveys, which generally have a relatively low response rate and therefore don’t unnecessarily allow for meaningful statements. Evaluation criteria include:

  • Average number of users reached by a company per job listing and company profile,
  • Percentage of users who actually read the content, i.e. who spend the corresponding time on the page
  • Share of readers who take an application-related action, e.g. by clicking “Apply now” or on the company’s website link.

A “popularity index” is determined for every employer based on these three categories. The 1,000 companies with the best ratings qualify for the “Top employer in medium-sized business” designation.

Dirk Kümmerle, Managing Director of Yourfirm, comments on the recognition: “ focuses exclusively on small and medium-sized business instead of large corporations or temporary employment agencies. Our Top employer in medium-sized business 2020 recognition is designed to increase the awareness of job seekers about small and medium-sized business.”

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