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ergoselect 400

The arm ergometer ergoselect 400 is the perfect choice for performing exercise tests with disabled patients or wheelchair users. The special chair, which is permanently attached to the ergometer, and the anti-slip footrests offer a high level of patient comfort and safety.

  • motor-assisted height adjustment
  • special chair with attachment
  • foot rests
  • patient weight up to 140 kg
  • load unit from 6 to 1000 watts
  • user-programmable exercise test protocols
  • universal interfaces
  • wheelchair attachment
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The height of the ergometry unit is electrically adjustable to optimally match all patient sizes. The special chair, which is permanently attached to the ergometer, and the anti-slip footrests offer a high level of comfort and safety.

The special attachment for wheelchairs guarantees safe front-wheel locking – with variable distance to the ergometry unit.
This enables qualified cardiovascular training and targeted exercise of the shoulder and arm muscles also for wheelchair users.

If another grip position is preferred, standard handgrips can be replaced with vertical grips.

All key data in a single display.
The LC display stands out for its excellent readability.

The intuitive user interface enables the easy performance of custom ergometric protocols or manual load adjustment.

Thanks to the use of high-quality control electronics and reliable components, our devices don’t just meet the standard specifications for medical ergometers, but far exceed them – over the entire load range from 6 to 1000 watts.

The ergoline interface protocol is now considered the industry standard. All leading ECG manufacturers support a control option for ergoline ergometers in their exercise ECG or ergospirometry systems.


  • Option

    Automatic blood pressure measurement

    • module for automatic blood pressure measurement
    • integrated in the ergometer (type P or K)
    • cuff connection in the control terminal
    • standard cuff included
    • different cuff sizes available

    Part number : erg161.901


    Automatic oxygen saturation measurement

    • module for measurement of oxygen saturation
    • continuous measuring method
    • integrated in control terminal
    • sensor connection in control terminal (P or T)
    • including SoftTip® sensor

    Part number : erg161.902


    Expanded control terminal "K"

    • large graphic display
    • integrated receiver for heart rate chest strap
    • ergometry
    • pulse-controlled training
    • constant-load training
    • interval training
    • performance test protocols

    Part number : erg161.905


    Special holder for wheelchair

    • is mounted instead of the seat
    • front wheels of the wheelchair can be locked

    Part number : erg705.252

  • Rehabilitation accessories

    ECG amplifier (1 channel), integrated

    • ECG amplifier (1 channel)
    • connection block for 3 ECG leadwires / suction tubing
    • 3 electrode leadwires (snap fastener)
    • requires additional expanded control terminal "K" Touch (erg161.903)

    Part number : erg161.916


    Suction electrode system, integrated

    • suction system integrated in the control unit
    • 3 plug-in silicone suction leads with Ag/AgCl suction cups
    • requires control terminal "K" (erg191.903)
    • requires additional ECG amplifier, integrated (erg191.903)

    Part number : erg161.918

  • Accessories

    Handles, vertical

    • as replacement for horizontal grips
    • pair (right + left)

    Part number : erg705.318


    Set of leadwires for rehabilitation, snap fastener

    • 3 electrode leadwires for disposable electrodes
    • length 1.30 m

    Part number : erg705.081


    ergofluid electrode spray, bottle (12 pieces)

    • high-quality electrode spray
    • contents 12 spray bottles, 250 ml each

    Part number : erg105.524


    Heart-rate chest strap "POLAR"

    • acquisition and transmission of the heart rate
    • for ergoselect ergometers with control terminal "K"

    Part number : erg424.016

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Technical details

Product Information

Dimensions and weight


Length: 130 cm
Width: 87 cm
Height: 135 cm (max.)
Weight: 73 kg

Ergometer with packaging

Length: 209 cm
Width: 80 cm
Height: 157 cm
Weight: approx. 87 kg

Further information
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User manual and downloads

The user manual, documents, software and technical specifications can be downloaded here – free of charge.

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