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ergoselect 150

The colorful design of the ergometer relieves children of their fear of the "medical device". Special adaptations (extended handlebar, adjustable pedal cranks) make it possible to conduct exercise tests with younger children. In just a few simple steps, the pediatric saddle can be exchanged for a standard saddle. The ergometer can thus also be used with older adolescents and adults.

  • mechanical seat height adjustment
  • extra-long handlebar, rotatable by 360°
  • mechanically adjustable handlebar height
  • variable pedal crank length
  • easy cleaning
  • patient weight up to 160 kg
  • load range from 6 to 1000 watts
  • high-contrast LC display
  • universal interfaces
  • wide range of expansion options

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All key data in a single display.

The LC display stands out for its excellent readability. In addition to the control option via PC-ECG or ECG recorder, the intuitive operation also enables the performance of custom ergometric test protocols or manual load adjustments.

After installation of a standard seat (quick release adapter), the ergometer can be used with patients weighing up to 160 kg.

The pediatric seat is approved up to a maximum patient weight of 60 kg.

In addition to the option of rotating the extra-long handlebar by 360°, the pediatric ergometer offers mechanical, stepless handlebar height adjustment.

With the use of a quick release adapter, the pediatric seat can be quickly and easily replaced with a standard seat. Since the handlebar and seat height can be flexibly adjusted in a wide range, this enables the use of the device for ergometric testing with adolescents and adults.

As an alternative to colorful design, the pediatric ergometer is also available in the colors white-gray (see ergoselect 100).

Thanks to the use of high-quality control electronics and reliable components, our devices don’t just meet the standard specifications for medical ergometers, but far exceed them – over the entire load range from 6 to 1000 watts.

The ergoline interface protocol is now considered the industry standard. All leading ECG manufacturers support a control option for ergoline ergometers in their exercise ECG or ergospirometry systems.

A wide range of connection options guarantees reliable communication with external devices such as PC-based ECG units and ECG recorders.

In addition to the standard RS-232 and USB interface, we of course also offer analog and wireless connections via Bluetooth or WLAN.

The optionally integrated, automatic blood pressure measurement supplies precise measuring values, even at high stress levels. The cuff with its specially developed microphone is directly plugged into the operating unit.

The ergometer can be equipped with an SpO2 measurement module for precise monitoring of the patient’s oxygen saturation during exercise ECG testing. A wide selection of suitable SpO2 sensors is available in different sizes.

Uninterrupted, reliable acquisition of the heart rate is indispensable for conducting heart rate-controlled training. The digital ergoline chest strap allows for the unique allocation of the strap to a patient—the “inadvertent” transmission of another person's strap signals is completely ruled out.


  • Option

    Automatic blood pressure measurement

    • module for automatic blood pressure measurement
    • integrated in the ergometer (type P or K)
    • cuff connection in the control terminal
    • standard cuff included
    • different cuff sizes available

    Part number : 161901

  • Accessories

    Heart-rate chest strap "ergoline digital"

    • acquisition and digital radio transmission of the heart rate
    • for optibike ergometers

    Part number : 705362


    Horizontal saddle adjustment

    • Special attachment for seat post
    • horizontal adjustment possible
    • including quick-release adapter (without saddle)
    • max. patient weight 150 kg

    Part number : 707259


    Anti-tipping device 1 (plate)

    • screw-on base plate
    • better stability (protection against tipping)
    • 2 mounting positions

    Part number : 705300


    Anti-tipping device 2 (bracket for securing to the floor)

    • special bracket for securing the bike to the floor
    • better stability (protection against tipping)
    • including special mounts, screws, plug anchors

    Part number : 705306


    Cuff, large (metal D-ring)

    • cuff for extra strong arms
    • for arm circumference of 32 to 42 cm

    Part number : 705090


    Cuff, pediatric (metal D-ring)

    • pediatric cuff
    • for arm circumference of 17 to 26 cm

    Part number : 705092


    Cuff, standard (metal D-ring)

    • standard size
    • for arm circumference of 24 to 32 cm

    Part number : 705088


    Racing saddle

    • special, narrow saddle (22 mm receptacle)

    Part number : 471107


    Quick-release adapter for standard saddle

    • enables rapid saddle exchange

    Part number : 705308


    Standard saddle

    • comfortable, wide seat for adults

    Part number : 705024

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Technical details

Product Information

Dimensions and weight


Length: 90 cm
Width: 42 cm (width of handlebar approx. 53.5 cm)
Height: 90 – 135 cm (see illustration)
Weight: approx. 80 kg

Ergometer with packaging

Length: 107 cm
Width: 60 cm
Height: 146 cm
Weight: approx. 98 kg
Further information
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User manual and downloads

The user manual, documents, software and technical specifications can be downloaded here – free of charge.

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